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Palm Sunday

Maundy Thursday tableau

Easter Sunday

April 19

April 26

May 3

May 10   Program notes for May 10 are here.

May 17   Program notes are here.

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May 31   Program notes are here.


The Bible this May

Let's try reading through the book of Psalms this month! There are 150 Psalms, so reading 5/day gets us through with one day left over. You might want to save that for Psalm 119, which is really long...

The Psalms train us to pray with others

who have prayed and are praying still.

They put our knees on level with other bent knees;

they lift our hands...with other lifted hands.

Eugene Peterson

Domestic Monastery

In a recent Sunday service, there was mention of an idea that's circulating during the shutdown--an idea that's actually been around for a while. To read more about the concept of a 'domestic monastery', check this link...


St. Thomas has been part of the community for more than 250 years. So while this is a church with history, St. Thomas is also interested in what's happening now--and in what's on the horizon.




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