May 30-September 5

Worship at 9.30am

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Messages this Summer

deal with aspects of worship:

prayer, songs & hymns,

Scripture, offerings,

confession, communion...

To see a list of topics and Biblical texts, along with

the schedule for casual and traditional services,

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Past services

are on the St. Thomas YouTube channel


Through the week

Here are some ways to worship, connect, serve, and learn—

ways to 'be the church'!

Prayer chain

Requests emailed to the office will, with permission (we want to respect privacy), be shared with those who have agreed to pray. To be among those who receive requests and pray for them, please contact Carol in the office.

Elders Forum--June 24, 6.30pm

Drop in for an online chat about St. Thomas. Questions, suggestions, and observations are all welcome!

Driving, cooking

There's opportunity to drive or prepare meals occasionally for those who are dealing with or recovering from illness. To take part, contact the church office.

Tech crew

If you're interested in electronics, like the way things sound & look, and up for joining in a rotation of those who help with live streaming worship services, please get in touch!

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