Worship is a recognition of and response to an awesome, loving God.

During worship, we offer praise, ask questions, explore the Bible,

and listen for the 'still-speaking' God. 

For a long time, we gathered for worship in a sanctuary each week;

more lately, worship happens in homes or on patios, by way of screens.

Does that sort of worship count?

Turns out that while style and routine are meaningful (we tend to worship best when both are familiar), what really matters is our heart--the desire we have to meet with, hear from, lift praise & thanks to God. Doing this in the company of others is a big part of worship, too (though again, it's possible to worship on our own)--which is something we recognize with new clarity during a pandemic. But even when what we're familiar with gets replaced, even when it's challenging at best to be with others--we can still worship. 

Which is why we're offering online services and studies each week, and outside services from time to time. It's why we're wanting to encourage one another to keep going as worshipers.


O God:

You have formed us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless 

till they find rest

in You.


St. Augustine


Two services are offered each week--traditional at 8.30am, and casual at 10.30am. Both are livestreamed online (here's a link for Sunday morning services). Recordings of services are available at the St. Thomas YouTube channel, as well (here's a link for that).

Outside services in the parking lot happen in fair weather--the next batch are planned for spring 2021.

Communion is part of the casual service each week, and part of the traditional service each month.


St. Thomas has been part of the community for more than 250 years. So while this is a church with history, St. Thomas is also interested in what's happening now--and in what's on the horizon.




6490 Linglestown Road

Harrisburg, PA 17112




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