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Reading the New Testament

Maybe you've read the New Testament--or the entire Bible--already, or maybe this is your first time going through it; perhaps you're somewhere in between. Whatever the case, as you start moving through these 27 books, you'll come across stories and passages you recall from Sunday School, sermons, or other study--and start to get a sense for how they fit in the bigger picture. It's also possible that readings will challenge you, because of what they ask/expect, or because they're not exactly clear. What that happens, don't worry: lots of people who read these texts have similar responses!


Try to keep going. Remember that it usually takes a few weeks for a habit to form, so do your best to set aside 10-15 minutes several days each week to read. Keep a notebook handy, too, so that you can jot down thoughts and questions (btw, if you'd like to chat further, drop me an email, or let's arrange to talk by pone, in person, or over zoom!)

One more thought: as with any subject, it can take a while to find your footing. But you'll also notice that the more you read, the more you have to work with. You'll pick up on what the Gospels are doing; you'll hear what's important for Paul; you'll hear echoes of familiar stories and themes among all the weirdness of Revelation!

I've put together some thoughts on each week's reading, and you can access those using the inks below. My hope is to open up a couple of ideas for each section (and again: if you have questions or want to share discoveries, let me know!).

Some time ago, several encouraged me to read through the Bible each year--and each time I've done that, the experience has been both fascinating and enriching. I'm amazed by how often a day's portion dovetails with what is going on in my life. I trust you have similar experiences!

Pastor Dan



Here's a schedule for reading the NT by Pentecost (June 4) 2022.


And here are the weekly notes to accompany your reading:

WEEK 1  Matthew 1-15

WEEK 2  Matthew 16-28; Philippians

WEEK 3  Mark 1-13

WEEK 4  Mark 14-15; James; 1&2 Peter

WEEK 5  Luke 1-10

WEEK 6  Luke 11-24

WEEK 7  Acts 1-12

WEEK 8  Acts 13-18; 1&2 Thessalonians

WEEK 9  Acts 18-28; Galatians

WEEK 10  1 Corinthians; Philemon

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